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4-Day Best Of Swaziland Tour

Day One:Malolotja Nature Reserve on the first day. Here is where you will spend the night, but first you will check in around 11 am and then we go for a nice hiking for about 4 hours, this park is an amazing place to unwind and enjoy the fresh air of the mountains.Accommodations is in Log Cabins Very stylish and comfortable sleeps around 4 people or more.Meals- BBQ and Maize Pap and SaladsDay Two:We leave the park right after breakfast to go on our road trip along the Ngwenya border crossing where we will find the Ngwenya glass- this is a recycling company using glass collected by the community these guys are highly skilled in Glass blowing it would be great to see the artists at work. After the watching the glass blowing you can meander around the gift shops and choose gift for people at home.Drive down towards the capital city and walk around the city, this is a small place but very pleasant, we will find a place to have coffee before going to visit the local market around or we can just walk around the city to have a good feel of it.We find a local joint and find some Swazi foodDay Three:Hotel- 3-4 Star very high standards accommodationsYou will be picked up in the morning from your hotel driven along the Valley to go and visit the following attractions: Historical Museum, Swazi Candles and Manzini Market. The historical museum where they also show case about the late king Sobhuza II all his good deeds. Swazi Candles is where the hand made candles are, you will have a look around and see how its made and also visit the stalls and shops in the within the complex. Manzini market is a nice fun market its very small and very laid back. After spending some time in the market we will head off to the village which is about 1hr 20 min easy drive climbing up the windy roads. When we get home we will have some light lunch and sit down in the hut and have a discussion about the Swaziland culture also looking at non Swazi culture. Village accommodation- Very Simple and comfortable traditional accommodation that you will be staying during this night.Having lunch in the Manzini market- Simple chicken and rice stew we eat what the locals eat.Dinner in the eveningMaize Pap, beans, vegetables, chicken BBQDay Four: Leaving after breakfast to go to the Hlane Nature Reserve The Last day will be only Just the Day tour in the Hlane National reserve. Game Drive at 11 am for 2 hours and also Walking Safari for 1:30 hr Have a lunch after the Game Drive- Salads, Meat, Maize pap fruits and water

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