Upper Suriname River attractions

Wildlife Reserve in Upper Suriname River

Brownsberg Nature Reserve & Brokopondo

Brownsberg Nature Reserve, named after the eponymous 560m peak at its heart, was founded in 1969 and is made up of 112 sq km of pristine jungle populated by dozens of rare species of animal, many of which are unique…
Wildlife Reserve in Upper Suriname River

Central Suriname Nature Reserve

Covering 12% of Suriname's land area, this epic 16,000 sq km nature reserve was established in 1998 with a US$1 million donation from Conservation International. Around 40% of the plants and animals here are found o…
Museum in Upper Suriname River

Maroon Museum

Guided visits of this little museum on a large property offer great insight into the local culture, from marriage customs to dress codes, music and much more. It's an important institution for Maroon culture, and is…