Watching wildlife is one of Suriname's main draws, with a wealth of creatures lurking in the bushes and tropical birds in the trees.

Brownsberg Nature Reserve & Brokopondo Suriname's most spectacular nature reserve is the best place to see monkeys in the country.

Central Suriname Nature Reserve Monkeys, electric eels and rare birdlife can be spotted in this slice of jungle-clad wilderness.

Bigi Pan A vast stretch of wetlands and mangrove full of extraordinarily rich birdlife.

Galibi Nature Reserve The best place to see sea turtles nest, including the giant leatherback.


An ecotourism destination par excellence, Suriname has a dozen or so jungle lodges where you can interact with and support local communities while sharing jungle adventures with them.

Awarradam Jungle Lodge & Spa A beautiful spot to explore Saamaca culture from a river island.

Danpaati River Lodge Deep in the jungle, this lodge offers a fabulous island location with river views.

Gunsi Resort Tei Wei A simple Saamaca ecolodge run collectively by a local village.

Palumeu Jungle Lodge A gorgeous rainforest getaway on the banks of the Boven Tapanahoni River.


In a country with dozens of ethnic groups, languages, religions and traditions, there is no shortage of cultural experiences in Suriname.

Maroon Museum Deep in the jungle, this excellent museum documents the history and traditions of the Maroon people.

Stichting Surinaams Museum A great place to learn about the rich and surprising history of this small country.

Fort Nieuw Amsterdam A bleak reminder of how slaves fared under the early Dutch colonizers.

Neveh Shalom Synagogue A fascinating spot to learn about the long history of Jewish people in Suriname.


Paramaribo brims with fascinating Dutch colonial architecture, not to mention various significant buildings representative of later waves of immigration to Suriname.

Fort Zeelandia Paramaribo's impressive 18th-century fort is a colonial stunner.

Saint Peter & Paul Cathedral-Basilica The largest wooden structure in the western hemisphere is one of the capital's most striking buildings.

Presidential Palace This elegant timber mansion also serves as the official residence of the Surinamese head of state.

Hindu Temple The largest Hindu temple in the country is this striking, multicolored structure in Paramaribo.