• Upper Suriname River Exploring Maroon culture, swimming in jungle rivers and relaxing along the epic waterways of this vast river.
  • Central Suriname Nature Reserve Driving 190km through jungle and savanna, then canoeing past Maroon villages to Raleighvallen, gateway to this huge nature reserve.
  • Paramaribo Strolling along the capital's Unesco-listed waterfront lined with stately Dutch colonial architecture and superb restaurants.
  • Commewijne River Discovering historic riverside plantations by bicycle or on a boat tour, possibly spotting pink river dolphins.
  • Galibi Nature Reserve Treading lightly on the beaches where giant leatherback turtles lay eggs in the sand.
  • Brownsberg Nature Reserve & Brokopondo Marvelling at primate-filled forests surrounding an endless, eerie artificial lake in Suriname's best nature reserve.