Suriname Dollar (SR$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than SR$250

  • Budget hotel room: SR$150–200
  • Chicken-and-vegetable roti: SR$25
  • Bike rental per day: SR$45
  • Paramaribo taxi ride: SR$10–20

Midrange: SR$250–600

  • Double room in a midrange hotel: SR$200–500
  • Water taxi across the Commewijne River: SR$50
  • Entrance to Fort Zeelandia: SR$25
  • Meal in a midrange restaurant: SR$50–100

Top end: More than SR$600

  • Double room in a top end hotel: SR$500
  • Flight to jungle airstrip: SR$1000
  • Top-end meal in Paramaribo: SR$200
  • Taxi from airport to downtown Paramaribo: SR$200


Bargaining is not customary at shops in Suriname, but may be undertaken at markets and street stalls.


Most Paramaribo businesses take euros and US dollars, and most tour operators and guesthouses quote prices in euros. It pays to know your exchange rates.

Changing Money

You can change money or traveler's checks or get credit card advances at most major banks. There are scores of money changers all over town, including many drive-through options – so changing money should never be an issue.

Exchange Machine

Republic Bank Has ATMs that most reliably accept international cards. There are several other branches around town.