• Suriname Tourism Foundation ( Useful information for travelers in Suriname.
  • Suriname Online Tourist Guide ( Dozens of ideas and itineraries for travel in the country's interior.
  • ( An online portal devoted to Suriname.

Top Tips

  • Make contacts with travel agencies and/or jungle lodges well in advance of your planned travel dates as trips to remote camps involve precise start dates and transfers don't always run every day.
  • Arrange a pickup at the airport with your hotel if you're arriving by air, as neither airport is well serviced by public transport and taxis are rarely waiting for customers. Neither airport has ATMs, so ensure you have enough cash to get into town.
  • Get your tourist card before you travel if you're arriving at one of Suriname's land borders. Tourist cards are available on arrival at both Paramaribo airports.

What to Take

  • Waterproof clothes, sunhat, sunglasses and footwear that can get wet and muddy in the bush
  • A European-style electrical adaptor
  • A small day pack
  • Flip flops – helpful for shared bathrooms
  • A flashlight – useful for jungle lodges

What to Wear

Suriname is generally not a place where you have to worry about dressing up, although you might want to pack something a little chic for going out for a meal or to a club in Paramaribo. In general, you'll want lightweight shorts, dresses and T-shirts or shirts, with a pair of longer pants and something long-sleeved for evenings in the jungle, where the bugs can be a pest. Lightweight shoes that can get wet with no problem are helpful for the bush; walking sandals are a great option as they can be worn in most situations.

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Obtain a Suriname Tourist Card from a Surinamese embassy if you're arriving overland from Guyana or French Guiana
  • Ensure you have a yellow fever vaccination card to show on arrival
  • If you're arriving by air, arrange a pick up from your hotel, as neither airport in Paramaribo is well served by taxis