Top things to do in Wadi Halfa

Fast Food in Wadi Halfa


This place on the main drag thoroughly lacks any pretensions but is all the better for it. It specialises in chicken, served roasted or grilled on charcoal and accompanied with rice. Delicious! The sign is in Arabic…
Seafood in Wadi Halfa


Tuck into a plate of faultlessly grilled (or fried) bulti (Nile perch) at this welcoming fish restaurant right in the centre. It doesn't have a sign in English; find it 30m off the main drag, virtually opposite the …
Cafe in Wadi Halfa


From the outdoor seating area of this welcoming place, with a cup of Sudanese coffee or a mixed juice in hand, it's fun to watch the residents of Wadi Halfa amble past the shops and eateries of the town's liveliest …
Fast Food in Wadi Halfa


This funky eatery on the main drag serves good spit-roast chicken. The sign is in Arabic – look for the red-and-green façade next to the Sudanese Islamic Bank.
Sweets in Wadi Halfa

Al Deyafa Sweets

This unfussy cake shop–cum-cafeteria serves a variety of delectable sweets as well as fruit juices.