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Buses head from Wadi Halfa to Khartoum (S£210, 11 hours), Abri (S£25, three hours) and Kerma (S£60, six hours). Buses also ply the route to Aswan in Egypt (S£170, 12 hours) via Abu Simbel: they run daily except Friday.

Buses leave from the new bus station, about 400m south of the main drag.


With the reopening of the road between Wadi Halfa and Aswan, the weekly passenger ferry on Lake Nasser from Wadi Halfa to the port near Aswan (Egypt) has become much less popular with travellers, who find the bus faster, much more frequent and more reliable. That said, the ferry usually heads south to Wadi Halfa on Sunday, returning to Egypt on Monday afternoon. It costs S£350/210 1st/2nd class. The journey takes about 18 hours plus immigration time.


If you've got plenty of time, there's a monthly train between Khartoum and Wadi Halfa (S£50 to S£150, two days). Its schedule is erratic.