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Top Choice Museum in Khartoum

National Museum

This museum, the best in the country, has some breathtaking exhibits. The ground floor covers the rise and fall of the kingdoms of Kerma, Kush and Meroe. There's some stunning royal statues and perfectly preserved 3…
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Seemingly lost under the folds of giant apricot-coloured dunes, this ancient royal cemetery, with its clusters of narrow pyramids blanketing the sandswept hills, is one of the most spectacular sights in Sudan – and …
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Museum in Khartoum

Ethnographical Museum

The Ethnographical Museum contains a small but fascinating collection of tribal artefacts from across the country. Displays are ordered by geographic region and illustrate how people adapt to each climatic area. It …
Museum in Khartoum

Natural History Museum

The mostly unlabelled taxidermied animals here look happier than the handful of live crocodiles, monkeys and snakes in sorry cages outside.
Museum in Khartoum

Republican Palace Museum

This is a hall of heroes, of sorts, with mementos such as presidential limos and General Gordon's piano. Opening hours are rather flexible!
Monument in Khartoum

Mahdi's Tomb

This rocket-topped tomb is worth making the effort to see. Respectifuly dressed foreigners are generally allowed inside. The original was destroyed on Kitchener's orders by General Gordon's nephew 'Monkey', who, som…
Museum in Khartoum

Khalifa's House Museum

The Mahdi's successor lived across the street, and this 1887 museum showcases the history of the Mahdi era.
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Naqa consists of a large and well-preserved temple of Amun dating from the 1st century. Very close by is the Lion Temple. Dating from the same period, this temple is dedicated to the lion-headed god Apedemak and has…
Island in Abri

Sai Island