Top Events

  • Scuba Diving, March
  • Camel Races, October


January is an ideal month to visit Sudan, with bearable temperatures, cooler nights and generally clear skies. It's high season, though, so book your trip well ahead.


It's still the high season, with mild daytime temperatures and blue skies – ideal for great pictures of the archaeological sites. Fierce dust storms occasionally blow.


March is generally a great time to visit – few visitors, cheap airfares, tolerable temperatures – but it may be quite windy, with sandstorms.


The weather starts to turn around April – from now on temperatures rise significantly, but it's great for diving off the coast.


It's very hot along the Nile Valley, but the weather conditions off the coast are great for diving.


Ouch – it's scorching hot in Sudan. Many places shut down and the whole country seems lethargic. Outdoor activities are not possible.


If you thought July was hot in Sudan, wait until August – temperatures can rise to more than 45°C in the interior and there's an extreme level of humidity along the coast. You'll probably spend your time in your hotel room.


Certainly not the best month to travel around Sudan – it's still very hot – but if you happen to be in the country at that time, make a beeline for Kassala, which is noted for its camel races.


Pfeww. November is transition month. Temperatures begin to fall, although daytime maximums can still be punishing.


December is a lovely month to travel in Sudan, with favourable climatic conditions and generally low-season rates still available until mid-December.