Sudan in

Three Days

Three days should suffice to visit Khartoum and get out to the archaeological sites in Begrawiya. In the capital, make a beeline for the excellent National Museum and, if you happen to be there on a Friday afternoon, head to Hamed el-Nil Tomb in Omdurman, where an incredible Sufi ritual is performed. At lunchtime, enjoy an expertly prepared shwarma at Laziz. In Begrawiya, the Meroe Pyramids are sure to take your breath away – be sure to spend a night at the Meroe Lodge to soak up the atmosphere.

Two Weeks

From day four, follow the Nile on its lethargic amble through history. Don't miss the pyramids and other ruins near Karima, the ancient town of Kerma and the fascinating site of Soleb. Then, either head to the seaside for some Red Sea scuba-diving out of Port Sudan or the hectic markets of Kassala.