Top ChoiceIslamic Site in Khartoum

Hamed el-Nil Tomb

Every Friday afternoon you can see an incredible Sufi ritual, where a colourful local troupe of whirling dervishes belonging to the Sufi community stirs up the dust in worship of Allah, at this imposing mausoleum...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Khartoum

National Museum

National Museum

This museum, the best in Sudan, has some breathtaking exhibits. The ground floor covers the rise and fall of the kingdoms of Kerma, Kush and Meroe. There's some stunning royal statues and perfectly preserved...

Top ChoiceSudanese in Khartoum


Everyone, from cabbies to well heeled families, flocks to this legendary eatery in Omdurman, where you dine like a prince and pay like pauper. Loosen that belt for succulent agashi (fish or meat seared over...

Top ChoiceLebanese in Khartoum

Assaha Village

With its vaulted dining room, brick walls and elegantly set tables, Assaha is poised to take you on a culinary magic-carpet ride. Nibble on a platter of olives while perusing the huge menu, perhaps settling on...

Top ChoiceSeafood in Khartoum

Fish Wok

Everyone loves an insider's tip, and Fish Wok is that easy-to-miss 'secret spot' that locals like to recommend. Hidden behind a row of dull multistorey buildings, it prepares delectable fish dishes – the bulti...

Top ChoiceSudanese in Khartoum


A Khartoum institution. The waiters are snappy, ingredients are fresh, and prices are reasonable for scrumptious dishes such as grilled chicken, roast lamb and shwarma. Those who enjoy a sweet at the end of the...

Top ChoiceSudanese in Khartoum


Elbows out – this is indisputably the most popular eatery in the centre of Khartoum and it's always busy, whether it be with takeaway orders, hungry employees helping themselves at the salad bar, or friends...

Viewpoint in Khartoum

White Nile Bridge

The confluence of the Blue and White Niles, best seen from this bridge, is a languid high point of the world's longest river. You can actually see the different colours of each Nile flowing side by side before...

Museum in Khartoum

Ethnographical Museum

This museum contains a small but fascinating collection of tribal artefacts from across Sudan. Displays are ordered by geographic region and illustrate how people adapt to each climatic area. It begins with the...

Sudanese in Khartoum


This lively eatery on the main drag to the airport sells filling and seriously scrumptious local dishes, such as roast meat, shwarma, shish kebabs, kota (meat balls), plus pizza, yoghurt and sweets. It's nicely...

Cafe in Khartoum


There's a good selection of taste-bud temptations on the menu of this upbeat cafe, from tasty sandwiches and frondy salads to appetising cakes and tantalising pastries. Everything's prepared fresh and...

Cafeteria in Khartoum

Tutti Frutti

Boasting an enviable garden terrace and strong wi-fi, Tutti Frutti is a good place to plant yourself for a few hours. There's a respectable selection of Western-style creations such as waffles, crepes, salads,...

Cafeteria in Khartoum


This is a sleek cafeteria with a vast selection of cakes, muffins, pastries and sandwiches. With its cool blasts of air-con, it's a great place to escape the heat. The coffee also earns top marks and the fruit...

Cemetery in Khartoum

Commonwealth War Cemetery

This WWII cemetery contains numerous headstones (but no actual bodies). The Allies used Khartoum as a base to invade present-day Ethiopia to expel the Italians, and this graveyard commemorates this conflict. It's...

Wrestling in Khartoum

Nuba Wrestlers

In this Khartoum wrestling area, you’ll find traditional wrestlers going through their paces at roughly 4pm on Fridays. The tournament attracts hundreds of spectators. Get there by taxi from the centre (about...

Shopping Centre in Khartoum

Al Waha Mall

This glossy shopping mall half-filled with flashy clothing shops and Western-style cafes is about the height of Khartoum entertainment and is always busy with local teenagers and excited families. There are also...

Cafe in Khartoum

Jazz Café

The closest thing Khartoum has to a trendy hang-out, Jazz Café is your best bet for an enjoyable evening in town. There's good coffee, decent pancakes, tasty sandwiches and live music (usually on Wednesdays).

Middle Eastern in Khartoum

Syrian Castle Restaurant and Cafeteria

This humming venue adjoining the Regency Hotel churns out shwarma that will leave you a drooling mess. There are some good salads, which will gladden vegetarian hearts, as well as vitamin-packed fruit juices.

Market in Khartoum

Camel Market

On the far western edge of Khartoum, this market is spectacular, especially on Saturday, but there is no public transport (a taxi will cost at least S£150). The majority of camels come from Darfur.

Ice Cream in Khartoum

Ice Cream 41

If you think life is unbearable without a scoop of chocolate, vanilla or banana, bookmark this popular hole-in-the-wall. There's no seating – punters sample their ice cream on the pavement.