Kassala attractions

Top Choice Mosque in Kassala

Khatmiyah Mosque

At the base of the Taka Mountains is this spectacular mosque, centre of the Khatmiyah Sufi sect. It's a lovely mudbrick building with a pointed octagonal minaret and a photogenic arcade of columns in the main prayer…
Market in Kassala

Kassala Souq

Kassala has one of Sudan's best markets, and a visit is a must. It's a maze of alleys and side streets lined with shops and stalls where myriad items are sold, from traditional products like cloth, jewels, henna or …
Village in Kassala


Don't miss this village at the southern edge of the Taka Mountains. It's noted for its atmospheric cafes serving delicious coffee and popcorns in lovely surrounds – small wonder it's popular with honeymooners.