Tourist Information in Khartoum

Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife

All travel outside Khartoum requires a travel permit. To get one, take one photo and a copy of your passport and visa to this Ministry in the Riyadh area, south of Khartoum's centre. A permit covering everywhere you…
Tourist Information in Wadi Halfa

Mazar Mahir

Helpful Mazar can assist with visa and border formalities and provide a letter of invitation. For overlanders with a vehicle, he's also the best source of information. He can usually be found at the Egyptian-Sudanes…
Immigration in Khartoum

Aliens Registration Office

You have to register with this Office within three days of arrival in Sudan. In Khartoum, go to this office, south of the centre; the process costs S£250. You need one photo and photocopies of your passport and visa…
Tourist Information in Wadi Halfa

Magdi Boshara

Friendly Magdi Boshara can help with visa and border formalities and provide a letter of invitation. If you're driving, he'll also assist you at the border. Contact him by email a few days before your intended arriv…
Embassy in Khartoum

German Embassy

Note that the embassy, following its being burnt down by rioters a few years ago, doesn't publicise its address, and now only handles queries by phone or email.
Internet in Wadi Halfa

Internet Cafe

Has a few computers, and wi-fi is also available (same price). It's in a street running parallel to the main drag.
Cultural Centre in Khartoum

British Council

Hosts the occasional art exhibition or film, as well as November's European Film Festival.
Cultural Centre in Khartoum

French Cultural Centre

Films, exhibitions, cultural events and French lessons.
Embassy in Khartoum

Ugandan Embassy

This embassy can only be reached via email or phone.
Bank in Khartoum

Blue Nile Mashreg Bank

Handles Western Union money transfers.