The 10 best places for solo travellers to find love

Exploring the world on your own can be exciting. You have the freedom to go where you want, when you want. That said, solo travel can also be challenging, and at times can certainly get lonely.

Here are the top 10 most romantic destinations for solo travellers to help connect you with other wanderlust-filled explorers as you travel the world, and maybe even find romance along the way.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is the perfect setting for a romantic adventure. Picture yourself zooming through the Italian countryside on the back of a moped, arms wrapped around a gorgeous local.

Imagine indulging in the world’s best pizza, pasta, and gelato beneath the sparkling lights of a terrace overlooking cliffs dotted with colourful towns.

For the solo traveller in search of a bit of romance, base yourself in one of the towns along the coast, perhaps Sorrento or Positano, and take local buses to explore a different town each day.

Don’t be afraid to venture away from the tourist sites and head to the public beaches where you can strike up a conversation with a local, and get them to show you some lesser-known destinations.

Veer off the beaten path and take a stroll through residential neighbourhoods: Sant’Agnello, just outside of Sorrento, is a charming option. You never know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet!

Cuzco, Peru

There are few things more enchanting than the mystery of an ancient city laden with age-old history and a rich local culture. In Cuzco, you will find yourself transported backwards through time.

Climb the hilly cobblestone streets of Cuzco to a charming bar and enjoy a pisco sour. Book a day tour to nearby Rainbow Mountain for a breathtaking hike and bond with fellow solo travellers.

Just a stone’s throw from Cuzco is Machu Picchu. Located on a lush mountaintop surrounded by clouds, otherworldly Machu Picchu is the perfect destination for travellers seeking adventure and romance.

Bali, Indonesia

If your solo travels bring you to Bali, be prepared for a dreamy experience. Between rice terraces, lush rainforests, and fantastic beaches, there are endless opportunities for a romantic encounter.

Surfers can head to Canggu to catch some waves with travellers and locals alike. For a more laid back vibe, spend your time in Ubud, where you will inevitably meet like-minded travellers.

Find your lover on the dance floor in Seminyak’s La Favela nightclub or spend the day drinking Bintang beers at the W Bali hotel’s sultry poolside bar.