south america

Where to go

Two Hours from Lima:

After exploring the cosmopolitan city, a short hop will get you into the desert, out to sea and on to new adventures.

One Hour From:


Heading south from Lima, the eternal
fog of the city somehow lifts when you hit Pucusana. Much loved as a beach
destination, this bustling port village also houses the largest fishing fleet in the region, and the ceviche here is out of this world.


A stronghold of Afro-Peruvian music
and culture, Chincha moves to a different beat than most of Peru. The nearby village of El Carmen is famous for its live music and dance exhibitions.


The Rio Cañete is the lifeblood of this
wine-producing valley south of Lima, a slice of green cutting perfectly through the desert browns. Hike up five minutes from town to the scenic mirador for views down to the valley below.

Two Hours From:


There are plenty of adventure
opportunities on the Paracas peninsula.
On a good day, you’ll see thousands of birds and maybe even a dolphin or two.


Set in the lush Supe Valley, 25km from Barranca, the archaeological site at
Caral gives you interesting views of
amphitheatres, ceremonial platforms and pyramids. It makes for a wonderful break from the chaotic energy of Lima.


A backpacker favourite, with a late-night
party scene and international feel,
Huacachina is a perfect-looking desert oasis where a dreamy lagoon is ringed by verdant palm trees.

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