Top 10 Budget Honeymoons

If you’re hoping to kick-off married life with a travel experience that you’ll treasure forever, then it’s going to take some financial planning.

Here are our Top 10 budget-friendly honeymoon suggestions


Arabian exoticism, fragrant spices - and lovely low prices. Morocco’s hard to beat for bargain romance.

Marrakesh, Fez and Essaouira offer time-warp medinas chock-full of character and cheap cafes.

Eschew your sense of direction to get lost in the maze-like souqs – the shopping possibilities are plentiful, with everything from carpets to babouches to be snapped up.

Converted riads (traditional courtyard houses) offer accommodation with oodles of atmosphere.


Long-favoured by the impecunious, India has become more expensive – but, mostly, it’s still amazingly cheap.

For instance, opulent Palace On Wheels trains might be dear, but even budget
’mooners can afford first-class on India Rail.

A Delhi-Udaipur overnighter costs around US$20 second-class, and only US$10 more in first-class sleeper.


You could get by for less than US$10 a day in Vietnam and still eat like a king – it’s street-food heaven.

Make sure to sample the city’s signature dishes: beef pho, bun cha (barbecued pork with rice noodles) and chow a bánh mì (baguette)

A mid-range trip won’t break the bank either, but will buy more characterful guesthouses, a better Halong Bay cruise.


Portugal is liberating. The little anxieties – is that cafe too posh for us? Can we afford another coffee? – don’t exist here.

Even in fancier establishments, espressos usually cost less
than US$1, beers no more than US$2.

You find yourself ordering a second pastel de nata (divine Portuguese custard tart)

There are cute casas and converted farmhouses oozing charm for under US $100 a night, too.