best-kept secret


These 5 islands
are the

From a wondrous cave that shines an electric blue when the sun hits to jungle-wreathed mountains that tower above, these five islands are the Caribbean’s best-kept secret.

So as you plan your next trip, go beyond the popular Caribbean destinations.

Turn an eye to those lesser-known locales that are big on culture, breathtaking views and of course stunning beaches that entice you to leave it all behind.


Fringed by white-sand beaches shaded by coconut palms and sea-grape trees, and filled with colorfully painted beach bars serving sizzling barbecues, Anguilla is the Caribbean dream come true.

The Eastern Caribbean destination’s crystal-clear waters and vibrant reefs offer spectacular snorkeling, glass-bottomed kayaking, and sailing to islets and atolls scattered offshore.

The 33 beaches have a total of 12 miles of powdery white sand, so while there aren’t any bad choices, a few favorite spots include Little Bay in The Valley, Meads Bay and Shoal Bay East.

Anguilla is no shoestring destination and authenticity comes at a premium here. Luxury hotels and private villas cater to jet-setters. Visit outside high season for a more affordable taste.

St. Kitts
and Nevis

This warm and welcoming two-island nation combines some lovely beaches with impressive mountains, activities on land and water, and a rich history.

The local culture is mellow, friendly and infused with a pulsing soca beat, and revolves around limin' (hanging out, drinking and talking).

But if the pair offer much that’s similar, they differ in the details. St Kitts is larger and more commercial, from bustling Basseterre and its huge cruise terminal to the party strip of Frigate Bay.

Across the Narrows, tranquil Nevis is a neater package, anchored by a single volcanic mountain buttressed by a handful of wonderful beaches and tiny colonial capital, Charlestown.

Spend the day clambering up a pair of mountains one in St Kitts – Mt Liamuiga and the other Mt. Nevis on the smaller sister island.