The world's ten most unusual beaches

TOP 10

These aren't the typical white sand beaches that people look for. Here are the top 10 wild and unusual beaches around the world.

Mendocino, California USA

Bowling Ball Beach

The striking (pun intended) beach is made up of spherical rocks that are packed sandstone which eroded into the balls you see.

County Antrium, Northern Ireland

Giant's Causeway

These ancient interlocking volcanic columns rise dramatically out of the North Atlantic Ocean. Keep an eye out for even odder shaped rocks like the Giant's Boat or the Camel Hump.

Near Llanes, Spain

Gulpiyuri Beach

A flooded sinkhole with its own 40m-long sandy beach and granite cliffs, this place is set like an ocean jewel in a green meadow near the Canabrian Sea.

Puerta Vallarta, Marieta Islands, Mexico

Hidden Beach

There's no way of entering the Hidden Beach from the surface. The only way in is through a long tunnel that can only be accessed by kayak or a long swim.

Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

Hot Water Beach

Grab your spade and dig yourself (and your friends) a cozy little Jacuzzi as the subterranean hot spring water bubbles up through the sand.

Hawaii, USA

Punalu'u Beach

This is not the super-fine sand you'll find at your typical Tahitian paradise. The black sand of Punalu'u comes from lava cooling into basalt as it hits the ocean.

Vik, Iceland

Vik Beach

Legend has it that the mini mountains rising from the sea are the remains of trolls that were petrified as they attempted to drag ships out of the sea.

Los Angeles, USA

Venice Beach

It's the quintessential urban beach but with the most varied displays of human life. Rollerbladers, bodybuilders, and everything in between are on display for those who love to people watch.

Western Australia

Shell Beach

This white sandy beach is completely covered in cockle shells that go down almost 10 meters deep.

Fort Bragg, California

Glass Beach

The colourful Glass Beach is a result of years of trash being dumped in the area by local residents - pounded and polished by the surf and tide.

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