A guide to camping and cooking outdoors in Australia

There's nothing quite as quintessentially Australian as camping. With over 500 national parks covering a staggering 28 million hectares, camping and cooking outdoors is part of the Aussie experience.

Aussies are tough and laid-back, adapting to their environment rather than dominating it; traits that are even more important following the bush fire crisis in early 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic.

After uniting to protect their beautiful national parkland and wildlife, Aussies hope to soon be sharing their unforgettable nature experiences with visitors again.

To enjoy the very best socially distanced outdoors experience, follow these tips on how to camp and cook responsibly in Australia.

Tips for camping in Australia


The Australian environment can be harsh and changeable. When camping and cooking outdoors, bring plenty of water with you. Check the weather forecast and pack the right clothing and footwear.

be prepared


Protect the land by avoiding camping on low or poorly drained areas, instead look for hard ground and sandier soils. For safety, remember not to set up underneath dead or overhanging tree limbs.

set up correctly


These animals are wild and shouldn't be approached or fed for both their safety and yours.

respect local wildlife


There is nothing worse than disrespectful campers. Keep noise to a minimum at night. Take away all rubbish when you depart, regardless of whether your waste is 'biodegradable' or not.

Be a considerate camper

How to cook outdoors safely


It’s critical when camping and cooking outdoors to follow all fire safety information. If a fire ban is in place, you cannot light a campfire. Download the Fires Near Me app for regular updates.

Keep up to date


Many camp sites in Australia have electric BBQs for use, which are a great way to cook outdoors safely.

use camp facilities

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