BY John Garry

7 easy ways to go off-grid when it’s time to travel

As soon as we get the greenlight to explore the world once more, use one of these remote vacation ideas to find calm amidst the coronavirus-induced chaos of our times.

Pitch a tent in a park

Camping is a cost-effective way to travel the world while practicing stress management. Try backpacking through the snow-capped peaks of Jasper National Park in Canada ($16.05 per night).

Or hanging a hammock between two mangroves on Playa Flamenco in Puerto Rico ($30 per night).

Make camping glamorous

Glamping, the outdoor getaway that mixes grit with glamour, offers travelers an opportunity to go natural without sacrificing the creature comforts of home.

Check out the WiFi-free EcoCamp in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. The 13 geodesic domes are equipped with full bathrooms and wood-burning stoves and look out onto Patagonia's craggy cliffs.

Get a camper and hit the road

With 14 national parks boasting active volcanoes, glacial mountains, immaculate beaches, and enough ecological diversity to make your head spin, New Zealand is the prime candidate for a camper trip.

When its borders reopen, try book a trip with Wilderness; a motorhome rental company, offers guides and itineraries to help travelers see as much of the countryside as possible.

Book a hotel room in the world's most remote towns

If you're willing to plan the complicated journey, a visit to the Pacific island of Pitcairn is a must – the island's verdant volcanic-rock scenery is as inviting as the 50 people who call it home.

Or, go north to the frigid fjord terrain of Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland with its Crayola-box colored homes. No commercial flights land in town, all visitors must arrive by helicopter.

Rent an entire island for yourself and some friends

Traveling to far-flung locales may not be realistic for many, but renting a private island can be surprisingly affordable and equally effective for finding seclusion.

This secluded cottage for 5 in Hvaler, Norway ($198 per night here) is reached by motorboat. Save for a handful of board games, books, and the sound of the sea, visitors are alone.

Book a cabin in a remote location through Airbnb

If you're desperate to ditch your digital devices, try this cabin on Kenai Lake near Seward, Alaska. Without electricity or cell service, there's no chance of a news alert spoiling your serenity.

For those who want to be closer to civilization, this cabin, an hour's drive outside of Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a fairytale fortress overlooking the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Cycle through or take a walk in an urban park

For city dwellers around the world, finding the time and money to escape home life isn't always possible, but that doesn't preclude them from spending time in nature.

After being cooped up due to recent events, there's no better time to visit a bucolic urban backdrop, take a deep inhale, and let the power of nature start to work its magic.

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