By Blake Snow

6 ways to satisfy your travel bug when you can't go on a trip

When you want to get away, nothing’s worse than being grounded. But according to Nobel-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman: we travel with our minds, not our bodies.

In fact, our “remembering self” has a much bigger impact on who we are than our “experiencing self,” the fleeting part of our brain that gets to live through an adventure.

So, when funds, time, energy levels or travel restrictions prevent you from 'going places,' consider one of these practical travel alternatives.

3. Live vicariously

If we mostly travel with our minds, we can sometimes trick them without taking a step; think adventure books, travel guides, foreign cinema, or even international television and music.

You could also ask a well-traveled friend to share their greatest experiences and stories. Or you could travel with your stomach by cooking a foreign cuisine at home.

4. Disorient yourself

Experiencing something new is the easiest way to change your perspective but you don’t have to leave your immediate surroundings to accomplish this.

This could be done on a day hike or afternoon trip to a less familiar side of town. Or check out nearby tourist attractions. You’ll never know unless you get out there and explore for yourself.

5. Learn a new skill

You could commit to learning a new language for your next planned trip. Or you could enroll in an online class or with a local tutor to learn something new.

Take art, for example. Creating art forces us to view the world from a different perspective and that’s precisely what all good travel should do.

6. Get offline

Consider taking an extended break from digital news, social media and pervasive connectivity. Often a simple walk around the block can fill you with hope, reassurance, and literal fresh air.

We can’t fully appreciate life if we’re too busy worrying about what’s happening elsewhere online. When we succumb to FOMO ('fear of missing out'), we're truly the ones missing out.

Nothing can replace the act of physical travel to foreign places. But the mind is a powerful thing, capable of getting us at least halfway there.

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