Written by SARAH REID

13 ways to reduce your travel carbon emissions

With the travel industry responsible for 8% of total global emissions, every action you take to curb your carbon is worthwhile. Here are some things to consider ahead of your next trip.

Fly smart

If you fly, reduce in-flight emissions by choosing a carbon-efficient airline, a direct flight and a seat in coach (economy) class instead of business.

Other tactics include lowering window shades (to help keep the plane cool), bringing your own amenities and food (or, failing that, pre-ordering a plant-based meal).

Pack light

No matter what type of transport you’ll be taking to reach your destination, or once you get there, a lighter suitcase requires less energy to transport.

Use public transport

Taking public transport (or even better, a cycle rickshaw) won’t only help to reduce emissions, but you’ll also tick off a classic local experience.

Many global cities are now equipped with affordable bike-, e-bike or scooter-share facilities.

Use electric vehicles or e-taxis

Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure is improving around the world every year.

And while major ride-share apps Uber and Lyft have yet to introduce EVbooking systems, both companies are currently incentivizing drivers to make the switch over to electric vehicles.