10 reasons Fiji
is one of the world’s happiest countries

If someone asked, "Are you are happy?" what would you say? Well, if you lived in Fiji, there is an almost nine-times-out-of-10 chance you’d say "yes!"

According to WIN-Gallup, 89% of Fijians report they are happy, making Fiji one of the happiest countries in the world. And what are the odds that a trip to Fiji will make you happy? Good!

Here are ten reasons why Fiji is such a spirit-lifting destination.


With myriad greens in the landscapes, yellows and chartreuse mingling as palm trees rustle in the breeze and the bright oranges of ripe mangos and papayas, Fiji flaunts all the feel-good colors.

Everywhere you turn there’s something colorful to make you smile. Then there’s the brilliant blue and green of a sea that’s comfortably warm enough to plunge into while still being refreshing.

Below the surface are thriving corals and enough fish to impress Jacques Cousteau. Dive in because few things on Earth can make you feel better than a dip in a turquoise blue sea.


With balmy temperatures hovering between 79 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit (26 and 31 degrees Celsius) few complain of the cold in Fiji.

Clothes are needed for modesty only and life happens mostly outdoors. Sunshine and plenty of rain keeps the land fresh and thriving with abundant food and clean water.

This facilitates keeping in tune with nature, perhaps by enjoying the phases of the moon on warm nights, embracing the joy of a sunset or appreciating a happy jolt from cool raindrops on the skin.

Fresh food

Fiji has some of the best food in the South Pacific thanks to the Indian, Southeast Asian and Chinese influences blended with Melanesian staples like tropical fruits, coconut and seafood.

Because it’s expensive to import food, much of what’s available is local, fresh and there’s an evolving organic kitchen garden movement from the individual level to villages and resorts.

Just looking at the fruit dripping from the trees, the numerous fish in the ocean and the smells wafting from Indian restaurants is enough to make most people smile – and lick their lips.