10 natural wonders so pretty you won't believe they're real

If you're longing for a taste of earth’s most stunning natural offerings, these 10 wonders are total eye candy.

10: Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is known as "The Smoke That Thunders" for its cascades stretching more than 5000ft on the border with Zambia. Daredevils can make their way to a natural rock pool on the falls’ edge.

9: Utah, USA

Arches National Park has a reputation for odd and natural wonders – but among the park’s 2000-some sandstone arches spread across acres of red rocks and desert sands, Landscape Arch reigns supreme.

8: Turkey

The mineral-rich waters flowing around Pamukkale in southeastern Turkey once fed into the Greco-Roman settlement of Hierapolis – now a series of well-reserved ruins and a Unesco World Heritage Site.

7: Jordan

Often a movie stand-in for Mars, the sandstone canyons and rock formations of Jordan’s Wadi Rum bear little resemblance to any other geological wonders found on Earth.

6: Califronia, usa

Yosemite National Park’s Horsetail Fall isn’t just a wondrous sight for the millions of annual visitors. On rare occasions, the waterfall catches a sunset’s orange glow to create a “firefall”.

5: Yemen

Technically under the auspices of Yemen, geographically part of Africa, and floating in the Arabian Sea, the archipelago of Socotra is full of some of the most unique looking flora and fauna on earth.

4: England

Once a year, a vibrant blue hue blankets these English woods outside London, drawing visitors by the thousands.

3: Spain

The Las Salinas de Torrevieja (Pink Lake) owes its pink hue to microorganisms, and is frequented by local flocks of flamingos, who gather around the shores in the thousands during breeding season.

2: Vietnam

Only first officially surveyed in the last decade, Hang Son Doong has emerged as the world’s largest cave both by volume and by cross section, making for a breathtaking view from the cavern’s mouth.

1: Oregon, USA

The landscapes of John Day Fossil Beds don’t just reflect their prehistoric namesakes – the rocky cliffs of the Blue Basin area emanate a chalk-like blue-green that contrasts with desert beige.

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