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Top Choice Armenian in Stepanakert


This is the best option in Stepanakert, with friendly staff and a charming garden setting. The menu encompasses Karabakhti dishes such as tanov apur (a soup made from yoghurt and sour cream), as well as more general…
International in Stepanakert


Mixed menu of salads, soups and main dishes like beef stroganoff and pizzas. It’s in an unmissable street-side patio lit up in the evening with green and purple neon lights.
Fast Food in Stepanakert

Shashlyk Bistro

A great option for travellers on the go, this small kebab-bistro is take-out only.
Regional in Stepanakert


The most bizarre sight in Stepanakert is the giant Sphinx looming over the door of this restaurant. Plastic palm trees ignited with neon complete the scene. Despite the Egyptian theme, the menu is similar to other p…
Bar in Stepanakert

Blues Bar

Enchanted-forest theme bar with trees and vines emerging from the walls and a ceiling lit with the moon and stars. The back patio is also forested and for once the Latin music adds some variety to the soundtrack. Ar…
Museum in Stepanakert

Artsakh State Museum

This rather dry museum nevertheless contains many interesting local artifacts, most of which can be better understood by taking a free English-language tour. Downstairs there's lots of taxidermy, archeological finds…
Gallery in Stepanakert

Kartinnaya Gallery

Kartinnaya Gallery displays the work of local artists and is a good place to tap into the Karabakhi arts community.
Museum in Stepanakert

Museum of Fallen Soldiers

This extremely disturbing and sad museum honours those who died in battle during the 1990–94 war with Azerbaijan. The walls are lined with thousands of photographs of soldiers killed in action and there are displays…
Arts & Crafts in Stepanakert

Nereni Arts & Crafts

Run by a diaspora Iranian and his Australian wife, this shop carries a range of unique handicrafts created by local jewellers and artisans.
Homewares in Stepanakert

Stepanakert Carpet Factory Showroom

The Stepanakert Carpet Factory Showroom sells handmade carpets and runners that make great souvenirs. It ships worldwide if you don’t want to lug your carpet around the Caucasus.