Travel Agency in Stepanakert

Susanna Petrosyan

English- and French-speaking Susanna has pioneered tourism in Karabakh and can arrange homestays (including in rural villages), guided tours, transfers, hiking and almost anything else if you give her some notice. S…
in Stepanakert

Telecom Office

You can make calls from the main Telecom Office. Note that neither VivaCell nor ArmanTel prepaid plans will work in Karabakh. Local cell phones work on the Karabakh Telecom network (SIM cards are sold locally).
Booking Service in Stepanakert


One recommended local travel agency is Asbar, which handles transportation, apartments, hotels and multilingual guides.
Internet in Stepanakert

Gluk Internet Café

Gluk Internet Café is reliable for internet access.
Telephone in Stepanakert

Karabakh Telecom

This central office sells SIM cards that can be used in unlocked phones.
Immigration in Stepanakert

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This is where all visitors must go upon arrival to obtain visas.
Bank in Stepanakert

Uni Bank

Uni Bank has an ATM that accepts Visa.
Bank in Stepanakert


Artsakhbank has an ATM accepting MasterCard.