Museum in Stepanakert

Museum of Fallen Soldiers

This extremely disturbing and sad museum honours those who died in battle during the 1990–94 war with Azerbaijan. The walls are lined with thousands of photographs of soldiers killed in action and there are displays…
Museum in Stepanakert

Artsakh State Museum

This rather dry museum nevertheless contains many interesting local artifacts, most of which can be better understood by taking a free English-language tour. Downstairs there's lots of taxidermy, archeological finds…
Gallery in Stepanakert

Kartinnaya Gallery

Kartinnaya Gallery displays the work of local artists and is a good place to tap into the Karabakhi arts community.
Monument in Stepanakert

Papik Tatik

On the outskirts of the town on the main road towards the north of the region is the primitivist statue of a bearded elder and a woman with a veil. It is named ‘We are our mountains’, their stony gaze embodying the …
Notable Building in Stepanakert

Presidential Building

This Soviet-era regional administration building has served as the offices of the President since Karabakh’s breakaway from Azerbaijan. It is not open to the public
Cathedral in Stepanakert


Work began on the Our Lady of the Holy Hovhan Cathedral in 2006. On completion, the cathedral will be the largest in the country.