Ste-Suzanne attractions

Waterfall in Ste-Suzanne

Bassin Boeuf

If you need to cool off, the Bassin Boeuf waterfall beckons with its enticing natural pools fringed with stone slabs, ideal for picnicking and sunbathing. Well worth the detour.From Ste-Suzanne, follow the D51 towar…
Plantation in Ste-Suzanne

La Vanilleraie

At Domaine du Grand Hazier, a superb 18th-century sugar-planter's residence about 3km southwest of Ste-Suzanne, you'll find La Vanilleraie, where you can see vanilla preparation and drying processes and also purchas…
Waterfall in Ste-Suzanne

Cascade Niagara

Just beyond the church towards the southern end of town is a road signposted inland to Cascade Niagara, a 30m waterfall on the Rivière Ste-Suzanne. At the end of the road, about 2km further on, you wind up at the wa…
Waterfall in Ste-Suzanne

Cascade Délices

In the Quartier-Français district, Cascade Délices is an easily accessed waterfall. It's only 4m high, but the junglelike setting will appeal to nature lovers, and you can dunk yourself in the cool water. It's signp…
Lighthouse in Ste-Suzanne


Next to the tourist office, the small lighthouse – the only one on the island – is worth a gander. It was built in 1845. It's still in operation.
Hindu Temple in Ste-Suzanne

Chapelle Front de Mer

Notable religious buildings in Ste-Suzanne include the Chapelle Front de Mer, an ornate Tamil temple built on a pebbly beach north of town (it's unsigned; follow the road to Domaine Grand Hazier/La Vanilleraie).