Ste-Anne restaurants

Chinese in Ste-Anne

L'Auberge Créole

At this respected venue, the menu roves from Creole dishes and métro classics to pizzas (evenings only) and Chinese specialities at prices that are more sweet than sour. Pity about the drab, neon-lit interior; take …
Creole in Ste-Anne

Les 5 Orangers

You'll find solid Chinese and Creole fare and heaping portions at this welcoming no-frills joint on the main road in Les Orangers, between Ste-Anne and Ste-Rose. It doles out curries, stews as well as pork and chick…
Creole in Ste-Anne

Il Etait Une Fois dans l'Est

It's not cutting-edge cuisine at this humble place on the main road, but the daily specials are all flawlessly cooked. Don't be put off by the location on the main road; there's a peaceful dining room with sea views…