Top ChoiceChurch in Stanley

Christ Church Cathedral

The great peat slip of 1886, a landslide which killed two people and damaged numerous buildings, wiped out Stanley’s Holy Trinity Church. The foundation stone for its replacement was laid in 1890 and the new,...

Museum in Stanley

Falkland Islands Museum

Open whenever tour ships are in port, this museum contains artifacts from everyday life, natural-history specimens and a fine collection relating to the islands’ shipwrecks. Outside displays include the Reclus...

Cemetery in Stanley

Stanley Cemetery & Memorial Wood

At the eastern end of Ross Rd, Stanley Cemetery holds among its graves the tombstones of three young Whitingtons, children of an unsuccessful 19th-century pioneer. Other surnames, such as Felton and Biggs, are as...

Historic Building in Stanley

Government House

Perhaps Stanley’s most photographed landmark, rambling Government House has been home to London-appointed governors since 1845 and was briefly occupied by Argentine commander Menendez during the 1982 occupation....

Memorial in Stanley

1914 Battle of the Falklands Memorial

This obelisk, just past Government House, commemorates a WWI naval engagement. On December 8, 1914, nine British ships, refueling in Stanley, quickly responded to the sighting of five German cruisers that had...

Memorial in Stanley

1982 Falklands War Memorial

In front of the Secretariat on Ross Rd, this wall carries the names of the 252 British military personnel and three Falklands civilians who died in the Falklands War. Designed by a Falkland Islander living...

Landmark in Stanley

Whalebone Arch

On the small grassy square next to Christ Church Cathedral, the Whalebone Arch was built in 1933 to commemorate the centenary of British rule in the Falklands. Made from the jawbones of two blue whales, it was...

Gifts & Souvenirs in Stanley

Capstan Gift Shop

Jam-packed emporium with a great selection of postcards, books and locally produced gear like woolen wear and craftwork; also has goods with no Falklands connection.

Pub in Stanley

Globe Tavern

The town's best-known pub, the Globe also serves bar meals, including fish and chips. The beer garden out back is great when the sun's shining.

Pub in Stanley

Victory Bar

Probably the most popular local pub, the Victory is said to be the place where most Stanley gossip gets reviewed over a beer. Cash only.

Gifts & Souvenirs in Stanley

Pink Shop

Gifts, woolens, Falklands and general-interest books, wildlife prints by the owner-artist, and work by other Falklands artists.

Gifts & Souvenirs in Stanley

Falklands Collectibles

Sells stamps, banknotes, postcards, books and Falkland Islands, South Georgia and British Antarctic Territory memorabilia.

Memorial in Stanley

Cross of Sacrifice

Stanley's cemetery is fronted by the Cross of Sacrifice, a memorial to islanders who lost their lives in WWI and WWII.

Supermarket in Stanley

West Store

Sells food, liquor, clothes, stationery, books, newspapers and magazines, and has a small coffee shop.