Top Choice Seafood in Union Island


The food in this French and Italian fusion restaurant is top flight, both in preparation and presentation. Right on the waterfront, it is the best choice locally for a night out. One wall is dominated by an enormous…
Top Choice Caribbean in Kingstown

Sapodilla Room

The fine dining room of the Grenadine House lives up to the high standards of the hotel. Locally sourced produce is used in inventive creations that combine Creole, Caribbean and American flavors. Start your night i…
Top Choice Caribbean in Port Elizabeth

Fig Tree

A 300m stroll along the waterfront west of the docks, this open-air restaurant has views to match both the great food and hospitality of the owner, Cheryl Johnson. Creole touches abound; book ahead for the Friday ni…
International in Kingstown

Basil’s Bar & Restaurant

If the food weren’t so good you might think you’d entered a pirate’s dungeon, given the moody lighting and stone walls. Food spans American and Caribbean favorites; the lunch buffet is great. It has Kingstown’s clas…
Caribbean in Kingstown


Looking down on the bustle of Kingstown from this simple cafe is the perfect escape from the Saturday market madness. Rotis, mac and cheese, and other island favorites populate the menu. Finish your break with some …
American in Kingstown

Cobblestone Inn Rooftop Bar

Stare out to sea across Kingstown’s historic rooftops from the hotel’s airy top-floor cafe. Serves pancakes, omelettes, burgers, salads and more. The ice cream sundaes are a good mid-afternoon treat.
Bar & Grill in Kingstown


As the sign says, ‘We are at the top of the stairs.’ Make your way up to this jovial bar atop a beautiful old stone building for some live music (‘Wild Meat’ Saturdays can feature a soca band) and bonhomie.
French in Kingstown

French Veranda

The name says it all: the food is French and it’s served on a lovely veranda with sweeping views in a mood of casual elegance.
Caribbean in Kingstown

Lime N’ Pub

A classic yachties’ bar complete with ‘80s beer posters on the wall, signed undies and hand-drawn maps to secret islands. This Villa establishment does burgers and pizza in the barebones pub area; the more refined d…
Fusion in Kingstown

Young Island Resort

There are few places that can boast that their specialty is bread, but here at Young Island the proof is in the pumpernickel. Every meal comes with a barge full of fresh bread to accompany the equally fresh seafood …