Flights within SVG are a quick and inexpensive way to shuttle around the country. There are airports on all the main Grenadine islands except Mayreau. There are a number of airlines running regular services between the islands.

Grenadine Air Alliance

Mustique Airlines



Bikes are hard to come by, except on St Vincent and Bequia – perhaps it’s because of the hilly topography, crazy drivers or the compact nature of the islands.



The main islands of SVG are well linked by boats. It’s very important to confirm schedule details in advance as they change frequently.

Fishing Boat

You can usually find someone who will get you between islands in the Grenadines. Usually this will be on a small, open fishing boat with room for, at best, four people with minimal luggage. The rides can be quite exciting and should not undertaken in rough seas. Places to stay on the islands always have reliable contacts.

Costs are negotiable – for an example, you should be able to get from Mayreau to Union Island for under EC$150.


You just never know if you’ll be able to hitch a ride somewhere. The Grenadines get a lot of traffic so there are opportunities. Hang out dockside in Union Island, or at bars popular with sailors on Bequia, and see what you can arrange.


Buses are a good way to get around St Vincent. It is possible to catch one on Bequia and Union Island, but these islands are so small that you'll rarely use them.

The buses themselves are usually minivans that are often jammed full. You can expect to get to know at least 20 fellow commuters as you are squeezed into every available space in the bus. There’s usually a conductor on board who handles the cash and assigns the seats. When you get to your stop, either tap on the roof or try to get the attention of the conductor over the thumping music, and the bus will stop for you just about anywhere.

Fares vary by distance, ranging from EC$1.50 to EC$5, depending on the destination.

Car & Motorcycle

St Vincent is really the only island where you may wish to drive. It has enough roads to make exploration interesting and worthwhile. However, expect to drive slowly over its very narrow and winding roads – think 20mph as a good average.


Rentals typically cost from US$60 a day for a car and from US$70 for a 4WD.

There are car-rental agencies on St Vincent and Bequia, but most of the Grenadine islands have no car rentals at all. On some islands there are no roads.

Road Rules

Driving is on the left-hand side. To drive within SVG you must have a visitor license (EC$100), which can be obtained at the central police station on Bay St in Kingstown, or at the airport.


Taxis are abundant on St Vincent and Bequia. Agree on a fare before departure.


There are no trains in St Vincent and the Grenadines.