Fort in Kingstown

Fort Charlotte

Just north of the city and standing proudly atop a 660ft ridge, Fort Charlotte (1806) offers commanding views of both town and the Grenadines to the south.
Gardens in Kingstown

St Vincent Botanic Gardens

The oldest botanical gardens in the western hemisphere, the St Vincent Botanic Gardens are lovingly tended and provide an oasis of calm that’s only half a mile north from the frenzy of Kingstown.
Market in Kingstown

Public Market

There’s some permanent stalls in the market building but the real action is on the streets outside. Bananas in shapes and sizes that will never get slapped with a multinational brand label are found in profusion. It…
Viewpoint in Kingstown

Belmont Lookout

On the road to Mesopotamia – the SVG version – there is an excellent lookout when you crest the peak and leave the coast behind while the impossibly green Mesopotamia Valley unfolds before you. Signs detail the area…