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Blessed with breathtaking beauty yet very little development, the compact palm-covered island of Mayreau is the authentic Grenadines dream. With only a handful of vehicles, no airport and just a smattering of residents, it often feels like the fabled dessert isle.Mayreau is a fantastic destination for independent travelers wanting to enjoy some of the Grenadines' best beaches and get a good dose of culture at the... Read More

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$2775.53 Multi-day & Extended Tours

8-Day Grenadines Cruise from Martinique on 'Lagoon 620'

After you have been transferred from the airport to the base, you will be greeted by the crew that will show you your comfortable cabin. Two and one person cabins are available, that share a shower and toilet. The boat is equipped with an attractive saloon, a spacious cockpit and a huge sun deck. Full meals and a drink package are also included in the charter. For leisure activities a variety of water sport facilities are at your disposal (snorkeling and fishing equipment, dinghies and depending on the size of the yacht, kayaks) as well as audio equipment for relaxation.The cruises are organized in a way that leaves ample room for you to engage in other activities besides sailing. The organization of the cruise will also leave you enough time to embark on on-shore exploration at different destinations. This is the reason why sailing times won't be too long and won't take place under less than optimal conditions. The crew consists of two or four members, a skipper, a hostess or cook, and on the largest yachts, a deck hand. Bigger yachts will have a bigger crew with them. The crew is selected according to professional experience, knowledge of the waters and excellent service. The relaxing atmosphere, the comfort of the boats and the wonderful islands will guarantee you unforgettable sailing holidaysDay 1: Le Marin - Night ridge to BequiaDay 2: Bequia - MustiqueDay 3: Mustique - Tobago CaysDay 4: Tobago Cays - MayreauDay 5: Mayreau - BequiaDay 6: Bequia - St. LuciaDay 7: St. Lucia - MartiniqueDay 8: Martinque