Top things to do

Monastery in Tikhvin

Tikhvin Monastery of the Mother of God

Rising like a fairy tale across the Tabory pond, this complex is about a 1km walk from the train station straight along Sovetskaya ul. At its heart is the onion-domed Assumption Cathedral, established in 1510, and p…
Museum in Tikhvin

Rimsky-Korsakov House-Museum

This early-19th-century wooden house was the composer’s childhood home until the age of 12. It became a museum in 1944, the centenary of Rimsky-Korsakov’s birth, and the rooms have been reconstructed to look as they…
Russian in Tikhvin


Restaurant 'History' boasts country charm on the inside, with heavy wooden tables and chairs and old photos of Tikhvin on the walls. The cooking is decent, with Russian classics like pelmeni and borscht, plus grille…
Cafe in Tikhvin


In the monastery grounds, you’ll find this simple canteen, serving delicious bliny, soups, fish rissoles, homemade pelmeni (Russian-style ravioli) and kvas (fermented rye drink). In summer you can enjoy your refresh…
Museum in Tikhvin

Tikhvin Historical Memorial & Architectural Museum

On the grounds of Tikhvin's photogenic monastery, this small museum has intriguing displays on the monastery’s history as well as religious art dating back to the 16th century.
Church in Tikhvin

Transfiguration Cathedral

This attractive cathedral frames one side of Tikhvin’s central square, where Lenin’s statue still stands.