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Historic Building in Strelna

Peter I’s Palace at Strelna

This is one of the first palaces that Peter the Great built out this way while supervising his far grander enterprise down the road. It has some well-furnished interiors with interesting exhibits, most notably a com…
Dacha in Strelna

Lindstrem’s Dacha

Opposite the entrance to the Palace of Congress and scoring high on the modern kitsch factor is Lindstrem’s Dacha, once the home of the Grand Duke’s doctor Peter I von Lindstrem. Restored for the 2005 G8 summit, als…
Palace in Strelna

Palace of Congress

Not a must-see sight, the palace nonetheless provides a fascinating glimpse of how a modern-day Russian leader likes to entertain guests. There’s a small collection of medals from the Hermitage’s collection here and…