Top Choice Palace in Peterhof

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is an imposing building, although with just 30-something rooms, it is not nearly as large as your typical tsarist palace. From the start of June to the end of September it is open to foreign tourist…
Top Choice Park in Peterhof

Lower Park

One of the greatest attractions outside of St Petersburg is the jaw-dropping collection of gilded fountains, statue-lined lanes, and picturesque canals that make up the Lower Park of Peterhof. Even if you'd rather n…
Top Choice Fountain in Peterhof

Grand Cascade

Peterhof's uncontested centrepiece is the Grand Cascade, a symphony of over 140 fountains and canals partly engineered by Peter himself. To see the fountains you have to pay to enter the Lower Park, and they only wo…
Canal in Peterhof

Water Avenue

Criss-crossed by bridges and bedecked by smaller sprays, the Water Avenue is a canal leading from the hydrofoil dock to the palace. It culminates in the magnificent Grand Cascade, a symphony of more than 140 fountai…
Architecture in Peterhof

Tsaritsyn & Olgin Pavilions

Two lovely Italian-inspired pavilions built in the 19th century on islands just south of the palace grounds.
Notable Building in Peterhof


This humble, sea-facing, wood-panelled villa was always Peter the Great’s favourite retreat and it’s easy to see why. It is snug, elegant and peaceful, even when there’s a crowd – which there used to be all the time…
Park in Peterhof

Park Alexandria

Even on summer weekends, the rambling and overgrown Park Alexandria is peaceful and practically empty. Built for Tsar Nicholas I (and named for his tsarina), these grounds offer a sweet retreat from the crowds. Orig…
Notable Building in Peterhof


Along the shore to the west, the 1725 Hermitage is a two-storey yellow-and-white box featuring the ultimate in private dining: special elevators hoist a fully laid table into the imperial presence on the 2nd floor, …
Museum in Peterhof

Special Treasury

This small museum within the main palace is a repository for the personal effects of the Romanovs from Peter the Great onwards. On display you'll see ceremonial clothing worn by Peter, a collection of Catherine the …
Palace in Peterhof

Marly Palace

Named after the French royal residence near Paris, Marly Palace was originally envisioned by Peter the Great to host his most distinguished visitors. However, by the late 18th century it was turned into a storage of…