Top things to do in Oranienbaum

Palace in Oranienbaum

Grand Menshikov Palace

Menshikov’s impressive palace underwent a full restoration and reopened its state rooms in 2014. Most of the interiors are restorations of the 19th century ones, so reflect the taste of the various Romanovs who used…
Palace in Oranienbaum

Palace of Peter III

This Rinaldi-designed building, created for the young Peter III, is the only remaining part of Peterstadt. It's a boxy miniature palace with rich, uncomfortable-looking interiors and some Chinese-style lacquer-on-wo…
Park in Oranienbaum

Oranienbaum Park

Spared Nazi occupation and, after WWII, ruined by Soviet neglect, Oranienbaum and the surrounding town were renamed after the scientist-poet Mikhail Lomonosov. The palatial estate is once again known as Oranienbaum …
Palace in Oranienbaum

Chinese Palace

Built for Catherine the Great as her private residence at Oranienbaum, this over-the-top Rococo palace, designed by Antonio Rinaldi, is distinctly un-Chinese looking and in fact gets its name from its chinoiserie in…
Russian in Oranienbaum


This waterfront eatery makes a pleasant location for dining on inexpensive Russian standards. The Pierhouse also operates a hotel, with decent, simply furnished rooms starting around R3600.
Russian in Oranienbaum


This place opposite the main entrance to Oranienbaum serves up hearty fare in a traditional Russian environment. It's big on taxidermy for its hunting-themed decor.