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Russian maritime glory, Kronshtadt, Oranienbaum, Peterhoff

We would visit places, that are closely connected with Russian maritime history from the time of Peter I, who laid the foundation of Russian navy base on the Kronshtadt island to WWII when the Baltic Fleet was fighting Nazi Germany. We'll start from from the Peterhof, which was conceived by Peter the Great not only as sea front official imperial residence but as a gigantic monument, commemorating the victory over the Swedish empire and triumph over nature itself. And we will continue our tour along the coast line to Oranienbaum and Kronshtadt island by a dam. We would be ariving from St.Petersburg by hydrofoil boat to catch the view of the palaces and fountains complexes from the watter, as it was intended by Peter himself. After going through upper garden we continue on land to next imperial residences, built in Oranienbaum. And we finish our tour in Kronshtadt, where we will be visiting Big Navy Cathedral, forts, first city port area, Peter I's dry dock and lighthouse.
1 day
Cultural & Theme Tours

History of three Russian revolutions

You are more than welcome to try my lecture tours in a unique style of infotainment (mixing history and anecdotal storytelling) delivered with my own flair. I offer walking tours around St.Petersburg, that are usually off the beaten paths and could be extremely detailed, but crash/introductory course of main highlights of the city is also available upon request. I am a pedant racountuer, which means I can be both academic and entertaining, yet I promise not to overload you with unnecessary details.
4 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

2 Day St Petersburg Shore Excursion for the Second Time Visitors

2 Day Shore Excursion for the second time visitors includes off-the-beaten-track itineraries. You’ve probably seen the Hermitage, Catherine Palace and Peterhof, all main churches and now you’re wondering what to do next. Look at our 2 Day Shore Excursion what was especially designed for a second time visitors. Visit Oranienbaum palace and walk in the park. Enjoy the exclusive cathedral in Kronstadt and have a boat ride to see the forts of the 18 century. Next day visit the Asuumption cathedral and Smolny convent. Stop by the legendary Cruiser Aurora. Visit the local Farmer's market. Taste some Russian vodka and have a tour of the Russian Vodka Museum. Visit the State naval museum and walk with your guide in the city center.
2 days
Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

St Petersburg Private Helicopter Tour

Would you like to see St Petersburg from totally different perspective? Take the opportunity to see the Venice of the North from birds-eye view. During your 20-60 minutes flight you will see all world famous architectural ensembles of the city and its environs as in your hand palm. Of course it will be an excellent chance to take some truly unique pictures.
1 hour
Cultural & Theme Tours

Half-Day: Private Tour to Kronstadt

Explore the northern shield of Russia and the maritime capital of the Russian Empire! Learn the history of the Russian navy on a fascinating tour of Kronshtadt, located on the Gulf of Finland close to St. Petersburg. Walk along the banks of Kotlin Island, visit the splendid Naval Cathedral and more.Discover the once closed district of Kronshtadt, St. Petersburg's main seaport and naval baseGo to the splendid Naval Cathedral, and learn how it was used as a lookoutWander the streets to see 19th-century architecture and more
5 hours