Sint Maarten attractions

Top Choice Museum in Philipsburg

That Yoda Guy Museum

Run by Nick Malley, who helped create Yoda of Star Wars fame, this 1st-floor museum starts with a short film about the creator and his work on Star Wars. It then winds though an exhibit of movie memorabilia includin…
Museum in Philipsburg

Sint Maarten Museum

Arawak pottery shards, plantation-era artifacts, period photos and a few items from HMS Proselyte, the frigate that sank off Fort Amsterdam in 1801, are among the displays at this island history museum, along with e…
Zoo in Philipsburg

Sint Maarten Park

The largest zoo in the Caribbean, Sint Maarten Park features over 300 mammals, birds and invertebrates. Local species include red-footed tortoises, green iguanas and Anguilla Bank lizards; from further afield you ca…