Orient Beach drinking and nightlife

Bar in Orient Beach


A maze of driftwood, booths and cushioned sun loungers on the sand, this good-time venue's best seats are the suspended swings, which dangle next to the bar. Local and European beers are served ice cold; there's als…
Bar in Orient Beach

Bikini Beach

Shaded by coconut palms, this classic beach bar has a large wooden deck and sun loungers on the sand. Banana-and-strawberry coladas, rum punches and house-made rum infusions (passionfruit, ginger, guavaberry) are am…
Bar in Orient Beach

Palm Beach Lounge

A chilled-out bar for most of the week, the Palm Beach Lounge becomes an energetic open-air dance club on Sunday afternoons when it hosts DJ-fueled beach parties. You'll know why they call them rum punches when you …