Marigot attractions

Ruins in Marigot

Fort Louis

In 1767 three gun batteries were placed up on top of this hill. In 1789 Fort Louis was constructed by St-Martin's then-governor Jean Sebastian de Durat to protect Marigot's harbor warehouses storing rum, salt, coffe…
Market in Marigot

Produce Market

The twice-weekly produce market on Marigot’s waterfront has tropical fruit such as passionfruit and bananas, root vegetables, goat's meat and chicken, and freshly caught fish from the surrounding waters. Local rums …
Museum in Marigot

Musée de Saint Martin Antilles

Clay figurines from 550 BC (the oldest discovered in the Antilles), Arawak-sculpted gemstones and shells and period photography are among the historical displays that bring the island's history to life at this small…