Soufrière & The Pitons attractions

Top Choice Beach in Soufrière & The Pitons

Sugar Beach

The most famous beach on the island, gorgeous Sugar Beach is spectacularly situated between the two Pitons, ensuring phenomenal views both from the sand and in the water. Like most in the area, it was originally a g…
Top Choice Beach in Soufrière & The Pitons

Anse Mamin

Backed by lush rainforest, this dreamy secluded enclave of sand edges a gently curved cove that's about a 10-minute walk north of Anse Chastanet, or about 30 minutes from town. The resort also has sun loungers and a…
Landmark in Soufrière & The Pitons

Sulphur Springs

Looking like something off the surface of the moon, the Sulphur Springs are saddled with the unfortunate tagline of being the world’s only drive-in volcano. The reality is far from the garish description. There isn’…
Gardens in Soufrière & The Pitons

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths

Wander amid tropical flowers and trees at this old estate. Mineral baths date from 1784, when they were built atop hot springs so that the troops of France's King Louis XVI could take advantage of their therapeutic …
Beach in Soufrière & The Pitons

Malgretoute Beach

This lovely rugged gray-sand and pebble beach, just north of looming Petit Piton, has some good snorkeling just offshore. There is an interesting petroglyph covered in moss on a large rock about 200m north of the en…
Beach in Soufrière & The Pitons

Anse Chastanet

Stretched out in front of the resort of the same name, Anse Chastanet is a fine curving beach. The sheltered bay is protected by high cliffs. The snorkeling just offshore is some of the best on the island; hassle-fr…
Waterfall in Soufrière & The Pitons

Pitons Waterfall

In the mood for a dip in tepid waters? Make a beeline for this picturesque cascade surrounded by lush forest that is fed by a mix of natural streams and underground thermal sulfur springs from Soufrière volcano. The…
Plantation in Soufrière & The Pitons

Fond Doux Holiday Plantation

At this bijou hideaway you can catch an informative one-hour walking tour that allows you to take in the plantation, a cocoa-processing plant and a lookout with fine views of the Pitons.
Viewpoint in Soufrière & The Pitons

Gateway to Soufrière

Around a mile and a half up the road to Castries this lookout at the side of the road affords fantastic views across the Soufrière valley to the Pitons.
Waterfall in Soufrière & The Pitons

Toraille Waterfall

It's not particularly spectacular, but this refreshing waterfall is a popular place to cool down, or wash off the sulfur after a visit to the volcano. The cold waters fill a small pool at the base. It's the most acc…