Dining options on St Lucia are fantastically varied, with local French-Creole– inspired dishes jostling for space on menus alongside pan-Caribbean classics and quality international cuisine.

All over the island you'll find 'fish fry' events where local seafood is grilled outside on massive barbecues and eaten at communal picnic tables.

Rodney Bay Village and the nearby marina on the north side of the island are lined with modern, high-end international eateries.

Essential Food & Drink

  • Seafood Dorado (also known as mahimahi), kingfish, marlin, snapper, lobster, crab and shellfish feature high on the menu.
  • Meat dishes Chicken and pork dishes are commonly found.
  • Local specialties Try callaloo soup, lambi (conch) and salt fish with green fig (seasoned salt cod and boiled green banana).
  • Piton The beer of St Lucia; crisp and sweet, it’s perfectly light and refreshing.
  • St Lucian rum The island’s sole distillery produces white rums, gold rums and flavored rums.