What to Take

  • A power adapter for UK-style plugs
  • Good hiking boots and thick socks
  • Less common prescription medications
  • International Drivers License – valid in St Lucia, unlike some neighboring countries
  • Snorkel gear – save on rentals and ensure a good fit

What to Wear

St Lucia on the whole has a fairly pleasant climate albeit with plenty of humidity. Bring lots of cotton and a good pair of sandals. Locals are well accustomed to visitors who spend their entire trip on the beach so shorts or a sarong over a bathing suit are fine in most situations. Guys should always put on a shirt before entering shops or a restaurant.

Pack long sleeves to keep the bugs off, especially if you plan on hiking or spending time in remote accommodations.

In very high-end restaurants there is a dress code but smart casual with boat shoes will do just fine.

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Organize travel insurance
  • Let your credit/debit card company know you'll be away
  • Get a small emergency stash of US currency
  • Check airline baggage allowances – regional flights allow less than long hauls