Time your visit for the weekend if you'd like to visit both camps in St Laurent. At present the Camp de la Relégation is only open from Friday to Sunday. Combination tickets for the Camp de la Transportation and the Camp de la Relégation can be bought at the Office du Tourisme for €12.


Stop by the friendly, English-speaking tourist office for the opportunity to hire bikes, grab the excellent free maps for self-guided walking tours and get information on the full range of activities available in the area.


There are several midrange hotels in the town center, while there's also – almost shockingly for French Guiana – a good backpacker option (one of the few in the entire country) at Amazonie Accueil.


Several small grocery stores and a midsize market provide self-catering options. Stalls at the lovely Marché de Saint Laurent offer filling bami goreng (fried noodles), pho (noodle soup) and French-style quiche, all for around €5.

Drinking & Nightlife

The center of town can be quite lively at weekends, though there's little that's likely to appeal to most visitors: expect rough and ready bars and little of much charm. Tipic Kreol and La Goélette are the two best places to go for a drink. Take care on the streets after dark.