There are no scheduled flights between St Kitts and Nevis.


St Kitts and Nevis are linked by passenger ferry between Basseterre and Charlestown, by car ferry between Majors Bay and Cades Bay, and by on-demand water taxis between Cockleshell Beach and Oualie Beach.

Car Ferry

The Seabridge car ferry service links Majors Bay in the south of St Kitts with Cades Bay on Nevis' northwest coast in about 20 minutes.

There are six scheduled departures in either direction from Monday to Saturday and three on Sunday. The first ferry leaves Cades Bay at 7am and Majors Bay at 8am; the last at 6pm and 7pm, respectively. The schedule often runs late and services may get cancelled because of bad weather. If demand is high, the captain sometimes runs an additional trip.

If you have a rental car, check with your rental company if you're allowed to take it across to the other island. Cars must be backed onto the ferry and parked with just a few inches between them. Ask one of the deckhands to help you, if necessary.

Passenger Ferry

Six passenger ferries shuttle between Basseterre and Charlestown. The trip takes about 45 minutes and is both a pleasant and scenic way to travel. The main companies are MV Mark Twain/Sea Hustler and MV Caribe Breeze/Caribe Surf.

Fares are set at adult/child EC$25/15 one way. The actual schedule varies day by day. For the latest, ask at your hotel, call 869-466-4636, check or text 'Ferry' to 7568 to get the schedule on your cell phone.

Tickets are sold from about 30 minutes before sailings. It’s a good idea to arrive early as some boats sell out.

Water Taxi

Using a water-taxi service between the islands can be a good way to go if you want to be independent. Boats run between Reggae Beach Bar on Cockleshell Beach, St Kitts, and Oualie Beach on Nevis. The cost for the 10-minute trip costs US$20 to US$30 per person, usually with a two-person minimum. Rides must be scheduled in advance.

Local operators include the following:

Perfect Life869-663-3595
Black Fin869-663-3301


Government-licensed private minivans serve communities on an erratic schedule along the main roads. All have green license plates starting with 'H' or 'HA' and many are hilariously painted and festooned with names like 'De Punisher' or 'Love Bug.'

Buses can be boarded at designated stops in Basseterre and Charlestown or flagged down anywhere along the route. Service is more frequent in the morning and in the afternoon, and all but stops around 7pm or 8pm. Sunday service is less frequent.

Fares cost EC$2.50 to EC$5 and are payable to the driver. Sometimes it's possible to pay a little extra to be dropped off at places off the main route.

St Kitts

There is no bus service south to Frigate Bay and beyond and in the far north between St Paul's and Ottley's.

Basseterre has two bus terminals:

Bay Road bus terminal Buses heading up the west coast as far as St Paul's.

Baker's Corner bus terminal Buses heading east as far as Sadlers.


From Charlestown, buses travel both clockwise and counterclockwise along the Main Island Rd. Buses leave when full.

Memorial Square bus stop Destinations north of Charlestown.

DR Walwyn Plaza bus stop Destinations south of Charlestown.

Car & Motorcycle

Driving Licence

A local driving permit, available from car-rental agencies, is required for driving on St Kitts and Nevis. It costs US$24 or EC$62.50 and is valid on both islands for three months.


Rental companies will usually meet you at the airport, ferry port or your hotel. Daily rates start at about US$45. You really won’t need a 4WD for going anywhere – unless it’s rainy season. Most of the major international firms have local affiliates.


Local rental companies include the following:

1st Choice Car Rental

Nevis Car Rentals

St Kitts

Road Rules

Drive on the left side of the road, often around goats, cows and pedestrians. The steering wheel is usually on the right.

The speed limit is posted in miles per hour and is generally 20mph in built-up areas and 40mph on highways.

There are no traffic lights on either island but traffic circles are common.

If you have an accident, call the police and don't move the vehicle.


Taxis on St Kitts and Nevis are usually minibuses with yellow license plates beginning with 'T' or 'TA.' Fares are regulated by the government, with one tariff applying to up to four passengers. However, it's best to confirm the price (and which currency is quoted) before riding away. Service between 10pm and 6am adds 50% extra.

Taxis meet scheduled flights on both islands. Taxi island tours on both islands cost around US$80. Those short on time can take a three-hour half-island tour for US$60.


There are taxi stands at the airport and near the ferry dock on the west side of DR Walwyn Plaza in Charlestown. To order a taxi call 869-469-5631 or 869-469-5515, or have your hotel arrange one.

Sample taxi fares:

Airport to Pinney’s Beach or CharlestownUS$20
Airport to Montpelier Plantation InnUS$25
Charlestown to Four Seasons ResortUS$10
Charlestown to Oualie BeachUS$15

St Kitts

There are taxi stands at the Circus and Port Zante in Basseterre, at Frigate Bay and at the airport. To call a taxi, dial 869-465-8487 or 869-465-4253.

Sample taxi fares:

Airport to BasseterreUS$10-14
Airport to Frigate BayUS$16
Airport to Ottleys Plantation InnUS$20
Basseterre to Frigate BayUS$12
Basseterre to Brimstone Hill FortressUS$16
Basseterre to Cockleshell BeachUS$28