In St Kitts & Nevis

Two Days

If you only have two days, limit your stay to one island. On St Kitts spend your first morning exploring historic Basseterre, followed by chilling on Frigate Bay or South Friar’s Bay beach and partying on the Frigate Bay ‘Strip’ at night. The next day, take a drive around the northern part of the island and finish with dinner at the Royal Palm at Ottley’s Plantation Inn.

On Nevis, spend the better part of day one circling the island, stopping for lunch at a historic plantation inn before winding down the day on Pinney’s Beach with a swim and sunset drinks at Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill. The following day, set up a hike or mountain-bike tour for a more intimate look at Mt Nevis and the island's abundant natural charms, then wrap up with dinner at Bananas Restaurant.

Four Days

Do the two-day highlights for both islands.

One Week

Split your time between the two islands. Add in a lot more beach time as the extra days let you explore the sandy shores at will, looking for a favorite. Consider overnighting at a historic plantation inn.