Northern Nevis attractions

Top Choice Beach in Northern Nevis

Herbert's Beach

A quarter-mile dirt track spills out into this practically deserted Atlantic-side beach with white sand buttressed by clumps of sea grapes. Several reefs close to shore make it a popular spot with snorkelers provide…
Top Choice Beach in Northern Nevis

Pinney’s Beach

This 3-mile-long stretch of tan sand along the west coast has decent snorkeling right offshore. The northern end is punctuated by the Four Seasons Resort and several beach bars, but quiet patches abound. Sundays are…
Beach in Northern Nevis

Lovers Beach

Curtained off by sea grapes, mile-long Lovers Beach charms with white sands and an untamed beauty. Its lack of facilities keeps it nearly deserted, but currents and a steep drop make the water less suitable for kids…
Beach in Northern Nevis

Nisbet Beach

This Atlantic-facing beach near the airport is a divine palm-lined strip of soft white sand, but windy conditions can make the sea quite choppy. An upscale beach bar belonging to Nisbet Plantation Beach Club provide…
Beach in Northern Nevis

Oualie Beach

In the northwest, family-friendly Oualie has grayish sand, shallow water and sunset views of St Kitts. The eponymous resort provides drinks and eats, beach chairs and water-based activities.
Church in Northern Nevis

St Thomas' Lowland Church

About 3 miles north of Charlestown, Nevis’ oldest church (1643) stares serenely out to sea from its hilltop perch. Goats keep the cemetery grounds trimmed. Take a walk around the moody cemetery where the oldest grav…